See Art Differently With

See some of our public art come to life using our augmented reality app. You can experience Portsea and Sorrento in a bygone era. Stunning murals animated with colourful local children's artwork and our bay come to life with whales and other marine life.


Sites you can visit

You can scan the QR codes below using you phone camera once you have downloaded the app to see an example of the AR for each site. Note: the AR is set up to be done at the actual site to get the true effect and scale of the animation.

Picture of Rosebud Beach with animated kites
augmented reality pinkies at safety beach
Photo of Whales in air above beach
Mural painting on wall at Fishermans

Rosebud Foreshore

We all know and love the Rosebud Kite Festival now you can fly kites created by local children and watch them fly over the beach.                     

QR code only

Safety Beach Foreshore

The augmented reality app allows you to see large amazing animated pinkies (red fish) float through the air on the foreshore.


Blairgowrie Beach

You will be amazed to see these enormous humpback whales floating over the bay. and foreshore in full animation. 

QR code visual

Rye ‘Fisherman’ Mural 

This creative and modern wall mural is bought to life through with full AR animation and movement’.       

QR code image
Image of an old tram and stage coach

Capel Sound ‘Old Wives’ Mural 

This mural was inspired by our Bay life and is called ‘Magic of Mornington Peninsula’. Now you can see it in vivid colours and animation.

QR code image

Portsea Main Street 

Watch the hustle and bustle of a bygone era as the Portsea Main Street is recreated through AR animation. A voice over also tells you about the scene.

QR code image

Sorrento Esplanade 

Look back in time at the original steam tram and horse drawn carriages arriving with Melbourne visitors for a day at the beach and in the township of Sorrento.

QR code image

Capel Sound Dolphin Mural

This stunning ‘Dolphin’ Mural comes to life through augmented reality with colourful local artwork created by our schools.                       

QR image only
Old picture of Portsea Pier and people on beach

Portsea Pier

See this historical site come to life in full colour with sound and animation of beachgoers, dolphins and the fishing shed.

QR code only

Google Interactive Map - Click on numbered site in map below to reveal location and AR display.

ARTREK Augmented Reality App

To access the augmented reality capability, you will need to download the EyeJack application to your smart phone. You can find the application in your application store. This is compatible for both Iphone and Android handsets.


1. Download application EyeJack
2. Scan QR code using your phones camera on the decal at the site/location (Decals can be found directly on pavement below murals or near site.
3. Click link presented on scan this will open the App automatically.
4. Face your mobile phone camera toward the mural, site or beach location that you are at and click the red EyeJack button - Launch AR
The animation will load and appear for you using augmented reality and bring the mural or site to life.

Please note: This AR has been designed specifically for use at the sites across the peninsula. You can activate the augmented reality using the QR codes as shown above, however it will not show the animation effectively or in correct scale unless you are on site to see it in its optimum presentation.