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Public art reflects and enriches our community and adds meaning to place and uniqueness to our shire. Public art can express community values, enhance our environment, transform a landscape, heighten our awareness and question our assumptions. Placed in public spaces this art is for everyone, a form of collective expression.

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'ARTREK' Augmented Reality

See the Peninsulas artwork, marine life, beaches and murals come to life using your mobile phone and our augmented reality app.

photo of a nbn node box with first nation artwork

First Nations Art NBN Nodes

Twenty-One NBN node cabinets across thirteen townships with First Nation
art wraps from 6 local Aboriginal groups/organisations including Bunurong Land
Council, Balee Group, Baluk Arts, Bunjilwarra, Living Culture and Willum

'Ngalamba' Wall Art

This new public artwork, titled Ngalamba: to stop and wait a while, has seen a ‘living wall’ come to life in Napier Street, Rye.


The stunning murals across the Peninsula are collaborative efforts that involve local artists, residents, and community organizations. Murals can tell a story of our neighbourhoods and build a sense of ownership and inspire pride.

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Mural Toolkit

Our toolkit guidelines provide step by step advice on planning, preparation, implementation, and maintenance of the Shires murals. Valuable for assisting mural artists.

photo of wooden pelican and wall mural

Pelican Park Hastings

A stroll around the Pelican Park Recreation Centre is a delight with public art displays from wall murals, historical images to playground sculptures celebrating local flora and fauna. The centre includes premier lifestyle gym and indoor swimming pool facilities.

Public Art Policy

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