Performing Arts Centre Project

Theatre lights and curtain

This project is looking to establish a performing arts centre and future arts precinct on the Peninsula.

Help us learn more about what events you like to attend, the facilities you would like to see included, what you’d like to see more of and what barriers to attendance may exist currently by completing the survey.

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During consultation for the now adopted Arts and Culture Plan 2020-2024, our community told us of the need to establish a creative precinct and a performing arts centre on the Peninsula. A subsequent investigation and feasibility study confirmed this shortage of professional performing arts and cultural spaces and looked at recommended future sites. 

The most suitable site (out of 23 assessed) for a contemporary theatre is located in Hastings.

An arts precinct will: 

  • support and grow our rich cultural and local creative arts industries and increase opportunities for participation, engagement, and audience development for the whole municipality. 
  • support the Shire’s tourism industry by attracting visitors from outside the municipality as well as opportunities for diversification of the economy and economic uplift.  
  • Resolve the issue of a lack of rehearsal spaces and spaces to create work.  

Did you know… 

  • The Shire is also home to a growing arts community with a growing demand for performance spaces which includes more than:
    – 30 dance schools
    – 23 historical groups
    – 20 community choirs
    – 10 amateur theatre groups
    – 54 schools
    – 350 stakeholder community groups/organisations and hundreds of artists.  
  • Over 932 businesses and non-profit organisations are active in the creative and cultural industries and engage more than 3.4% of region’s workforce.  
  • The heritage, creative and performing arts sector contributes $55M to the Shire’s economy annually.  
  • Member for Hastings, Mr. Paul Mercurio MP, specifically discussed the importance of a Performing Arts Centres for the Peninsula during his inaugural speech to Parliament.